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Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai to Norman Teoh & family

Well, yesterday we spent the whole day out of the house. Macam lepas geram la pulak since Saturday terperam dok rumah jek. So, yesterday's first stop: GEM (i heart this place). Hariz still has to go for his computer class eventho students x ramai yg datang..and while waiting mummy sempat rembat satu tudung kat D'Rias. a bit pricey but hey it suits me well. Muka gue nih susah sket kalau nak pakai tudung2 yang berfashion-fashion tuh..apa nak buat muka terlebey bulat. Next stop, The Curve. Pergh..lama sey tak pegi sini. Surprisingly, ramai betul orang dok shopping2..we tot orang sume dah balik kampung n the mall senyap sunyi..it proves us wrong. Ni sume kes shopping last minute la nih. Masuk Ikea also the same thing. Ramainya orang. And the Chinese also ramai. eh dorang x pegi makan busat ke ek? Masa kat parking dah siap2 nak balik, daddy noticed one of our tyres puncture. Adeh...time2 orang dah x bukak workshop ni lah dia nak pancit gitu. Merata tempat kita orang g carik workshop mane lah tau kut2 ade yang service kete last2 minute gaks macam shopping last minute kan. Alhamdullilah jumpa gak satu workshop nih kat area Sri Gombak. Hah ko..panjang betul paku tuh. We passed by this area since kita gune the new HiWay DUKE...seriously laju n cepat. Yela kalau baru sume laju n cepat kan..n furthermore toll pun still free. Berdesup je lah. And last stop is JJ Setiawangsa. Sebab Daddy dah janji nak bawak Hariz pg main kan..so terpaksa lah di kotakan janjinya tuh...On the way nak pg makan, boleh lak terjumpa makcik nih....

Teoh, Hana wif Waty and Daddy

Abang dah basah lencun..

3 stooges..Hariz, Naqib and Na'il

The kids running around

Dah jadi macam playground pulak stage nih..

To All my chinese friends, Happy Chinese New Year..may the Ox brings health, wealth and prosperity!


HLiza said...

Hello Mummy ranger!
Another mom with 3 kids? He he he join the club. I just bough half a dozen tudung Ekin..termakan dek pujukan penjual tu..katanya 2009 ni ubahle sikit imej. So far my kids said looks fine on me..even though I'm a bit wary of my face's roundness too!

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