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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chosuk Festival...cuti dalam terpaksa..

21st September 2007

Memo has been circulated stating that next Tuesday, our office will be closed. This is to observe the Chosuk Festival or also known as Mid Autumn @ Mooncake Festival. So, our HQ in Korea is closed for one week. But the sad thing is...HR asked us to submit our leave form..its a compulsory leave and all of us have to deduct from our annual leave...

Ciz, dahla cuti gua dah xdek...nanti raya lagi nak apply unpaid leave..sabar jelah. Anyway, i've already booked facial w viviene..bile lagi nak pamper myself..yea..boleh bangun lambat tuesday. beshnyee..

kamsa hamnida..

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