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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Baking Time...Kuih sarang semut

September 22, 2007

Out of the sudden, i have the urge to bake...yupp...tibe-tibe jek..so, Saturday nite,
after our buka puasa, i started to line up the ingredients on the mat...terasa nak buat kuih sarang semut.

Its been awhile, since i last made cookies for raya..hehehe...asyik main tunjuk bayar jek. i start off with the dough first...pahtu mula la nak sagat..aduih..daddy, i bot a new sagat u know...since i cant find where the one that we bot in ikea tuh..and also d scale... and acu, tukang tabur choc. rice n bakar... our little ranger sibuk jugak

nak tolong..hehehe abis my pengacau kayu tu dijilatnye abis...adui...siap mintak lagi tuh..kesal..anyway, its a fun time for him...dapat tolong mummy dia kat dapur...tolong nyibuk..kehkhekeh..the first batch of the cookies, a bit hangus..since i put a little drop only. second one, turned out very nice..cheh...last one, dah cun..tapi terhangus sket..but still edible.. so, i tot nanti nak try buat another round...so can give to maktok n tatami. wuish niat tu suci murni, insha allah berjaya...fighting!!


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