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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

School time again..

16th September 2007

Today's lesson in school.

Today, rite after his class, as usual his favorite stop is at Kiz sports & gym. memandangkan this morning x bangun sahur..so x larat nak kejar mengejar dlm tu dgn si LR nih..i use the shop n drop voucher..but then, i juz stay inside n do my readings.

next to it ada hair saloon, Cheeky Monkey Cuts. tot of having his hair cut la...now everytime when he sweats, habis merah2 kat bawah tengkuk n also belakang badan dia. habis jek session dia terus bawak dia pegi gunting rambut.....siap cuci n blow lagi..kehkekeh...i juz discovered that this saloon belongs to effendi norwawi's daughter. saw her with her daughter in the saloon. View more photos in the album, k...there's more with acu, nanti bile acu dah download i'll update lagi.

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