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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The one when im down with purge n vomits..

21/8/2007 Northam all suites hotel.

i went to penang last tuesday, w Mr. DGM n thum2.went there for CSD seminar..its only for 1 nite stay. upon reaching the hotel, already miz my little ranger. we ate seafood at BA LI..wow very gud fud..very fresh and also the price not as expensive as like what we think. we took a long walk back to the hotel since mr. dgm said that the taxi here is very cut throat!?!! so jalan la we all but got sidetrack n stop at starbucks for coffee..gosh...i got large cappuccino.. n the tot of the mixture of seafood, coconut juice i drank earlier n cappuccino had stirred up in my tummy. seriously, i wuz in the toilet for almost half n hour after that..pengsan terus terbongkang after that..

22/8/2007 Penang~KL

well, only 9 ppl turned up..thum2 wuz so disappointed..of coz...we already mentioned this to mr. dgm that this wk is a school holiday..but then, he's d boz. so now who's to blame?
finish everything by noon, checked out, get a taxi, n mr. dgm wanted to drink cendol..suppose to be the famous cendol in penang... the taste, well not that bad..mr. dgm gobbled down 2 bowls where else me n thum2 only drank one. for those who dunno what is cendol..hmm yummy n best to drink when under the hot weather..

the taxi guy really cool...he took us around to few places before heading to airport. our flite supposed to depart at 515 but as usual MAS delayed it to 6+..gosh..i wuz so tired..at this time my tummy started to ramble already..reached home around 9pm..had a quick shower b4 heading to maktok's house to fetch little ranger.

he wuz so estatic to see me..huwaaa miz him also. that nite i woke up around 12 am n i vomited my tummy out...ya allah...really bad until i cant sleep at all. managed to sleep around 4am but then, woke up again only to purge..eeeerkss..wuz so tired.
called MD told him dat i'm coming a bit late to d office today. reached office by 11am managed to settle few things for MD but then, asked his permission to go off as i really cant open my eyes n wuz so damn tired. nearly bumped to accident at the traffic lite gosh i wuz soo sleepy i cant remember when did i close my eyes and suddenly i heard all the cars at the back honking me...i wuz so shocked n immediately press the accelerator without noticing that the green has turned to red..can u imagine what happened next??
im soo lucky that the car behind me didnt follow too closely.. pehhh..rite after that i drove d car w full alertness.. sampai rumah terus tido until 6+...kelam kabut angkat hariz..

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