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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

iman & onggek

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My sister, onggek (nama glamer lagi gua letak nggek..kehkehkeh) came down from south to send my grandma who'll be performing haj with our uncle W tomorrow's nite. Actually they came last saturday, but due to my unavailability baru la dapat jumpe si onggek with her adorable debab. my sister was raised by atuk since dia sebesar tapak tangan gitu..perumpaan dari semenjak dilahirkan la kononnye...u see, we all only 1 year apart of age..so my mum being a working mum susah nak carik babysitter for both of us..so thats why onggek stays on with my atuk until today. and me stayed with nenek. but now since she's married, she move to her own house in the neighbouring area..its quite nearby just in case she needs to go to atuk's house fast. iman is only a year older than hariz. debab kan?? sungguh kental isi2 kat badan dia tuh..gigit sedap tuh..ahaks...

i like this one...ntah ape2 jeklah yg depa dok borakkan..

debab with her maklong...

sisters...n little ranger terselit kat tengah tu laks..

little ranger with onggek...ops..mak ngah la..mummy jek leh panggil onggek..

grandpa with his grandkids...debab & little ranger

with uncle w...or fondly known as tok up

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