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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Are U Sure??

this little ranger of mine never stop to amuse me n his daddy dear with his new vocab..kehkehkehkeh..
for instance, somewhere around last week, inside the car..daddy dear was driving..mummy was holding little ranger on her lap n started to kiss his head.


mummy (m) : little ranger, u didnt shampoo yr hair juz now?

little ranger (lr) : i dun like to shampoo my hair...nanti shampoo masuk mata..nanti mata lr sakit...(with the dramatic face! he's such a gud actor)

mummy (m) : laa...lr kan pandai shampoo rambut sendiri..pandai dia
shampookan daddy?? (ayat nak encourage la kononnye so
that dia x takut nak shampoo n also now eveytime if he can
do all the things himself, he'll be very proud)

little ranger (lr) : with an instant response while moving his head towards me n
to my eyes... "ARE YOU SURE??"

adus...ape kes la anak aku nih...sungguh direct dia kene kan mummy dia..hkekehke..i wuz laughing until my tummy hurts. adus.


little ranger followed daddy to McDonald's for his country grill chicken burger fix. Inside the car, while daddy dear was maneuvering the wheels, with fierce eyes on a car who simply park on the opposite roadside.

daddy dear (dd) : what is that car doing???
(daddy dear were simply saying this to himself)

little ranger (lr) : parking la!! daddy ni punnn...with his selamba

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