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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sunday's ritual

02nd September 2007

Woke up quite early today..hmm..still sleepy..dunno who or what made me up so early cizz potong stim betul la ..pahtu xleh tido balik..duhh.

As usual, little ranger has to go to his computer class every sunday. now, he is quite eager to join the class compared to the first few. Since last nite, when we were in Putrajaya Alamanda he's been telling us..or actually paksa us to buy him gransazer arrow..dunno la betul ke tak nih...later i'll post d pix here..adus... so since the minute he woke up rite until we reached his school, he kept on pestering us to buy that thing. oklah..daddy dear said nanti kita pegi klcc beli ok?? waahhh cepat jek jawab..OKKKKK...dgn senyum pueh ati..cizz..

after class, tak sempat la mummy nak belek2 buku kat bawah tuh..but then, sempat beli buku Judith McNaught n home baking book..kehkehekhekh...terus ajak g beli arrow..adus.. kalau bab membeli toy dia laju jek.. soo off we went to klcc..
sampai parkson, straight away, both of them pg carik falcon bow eh betul ke daddy dear..i know you've been reading my blog..feel free to comment..

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